Training Programs

Training Programs

Reach People with International Accreditation Service (IAFCB) Training.

International Accreditation Service (IAFCB) delivers training that enhances the productivity of people who work in:

  • laboratories,
  • inspection agencies,
  • personnel certification,
  • management system certification,
  • product certification,
  • structural fabrication industries,
  • manufacturing companies,
  • metal building industries,
  • special inspection agencies, and
  • building departments.

Quality systems should work for the organization, instead of the other way round.  Simpler approaches can still meet accreditation requirements.

IAS helps organizations operate quality systems that make better and easier use of them.  Acquired knowledge can enhance quality system contribution to the productivity of conformity assessment work.  It highlights and enhances the strength of demonstrated competence.

Regulators and markets want confidence in accredited conformity assessment work. 

IAFCB understands and promotes conformance to regulatory and market demands.  IAFCB -accredited organizations carry the IAFCB Accreditation Symbol.  IAFCB has a stake in their success and IAFCB provides tools to help them succeed.

Employees should believe in their quality system.

People drive an organization’s success. IAFCB can deliver tools to help quality systems better support the work of the people doing the work. IAFCB courses also help create and deliver messages that motivate conformant approaches in quality.

Expert trainers working for the students.

IAS training programs are custom-designed for regulators, conformity assessment organizations and their stakeholders/clients.  IAF facilitators utilize a combination of teaching techniques based on having participants “learn by doing.”  Experience has shown that this practical approach using real-world examples, interaction and discussion with problem-solving activities provides the most effective learning experience for the participant. Download and read the IAFCB Learning Model – our approach in Adult Learning.

Whether an organization is interested in training technical personnel, quality personnel, scientists and engineers or the entire staff, IAFCB Training can design a program to fit your needs.

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